Ateme Rolls Out New Virtual Lounge Solution

The solution is a digital space embedding multiple low-latency OTT players. These players can stream the same event viewed from different angles, all in synch, or even multiple events, bringing the experience of a sports bar into the digital space.

Thus, the solution brings OTT streams into a gaming environment, facilitating social interactions between viewers of live events even when they are very distant from each other. By projecting themselves into a common virtual space, audiences can design their own video-consumption experiences.

The solution enables D2C streaming providers and sports leagues to reinforce their position as innovators, as well as to increase their monetization with new ad-placement opportunities.

“Video consumption is evolving, with gaming and social interactions increasingly taking place in both virtual and physical spaces,” says Mickaël Raulet, CTO of Ateme. “Moreover, with intense competition in the OTT streaming market, the industry must adapt to stay ahead. Our Virtual Lounge solution provides our customers with a competitive advantage: it incorporates all the features of a virtual environment – gaming, social media, and more – that are sure to appeal to younger audiences. We also enable more efficient streaming through head-end optimization and robust player application interaction.”